Women's Necklaces and Pendants

Tin Necklaces and pendants

A necklace or pendant made from tin is a great way to get your wife to love you ten fold. Tin being the traditional tenth wedding anniversary present is makes a perfect material to make a nice shiny pendant out of for your wife. Also some of the items here have a diamond set into them to make them that little more special for your tenth wedding anniversary which is an anniversary of great importance of anyone's marriage.

tin beaten heart pendant with ten

Beaten Tin Heart pendant with a Ten

A beaten tin heart pendant with a small ten printed onto the surface in the corner a special piece with the tenth wedding in mind. A great gift with a great reminder on its surface.

beaten flower pendant

Chunky Beaten Flower Pendant with a Stone

A chunky tin flower pendant with a choice of three stones you can have in the centre a amber stone, amythyst or turquoise. A great tin wedding present.

diamond and tin heart pendant

Tin and Diamond Fine Heart Pendant

A fine tin and diamond heart pendant made so its delicate as it is special. A perfect gift if your treating your wife for your anniversary.


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