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Anthony Hopkins and Stella Arroyave


Anthony Hopkins being one of Britains greatest actors married Stella in 2003 and is in just as much love with her now as he was with her then. The man who has a bank balance to prove his worth to cinema history is still very much happy in his relationship.

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Its known that him and his wife have been dieting on strict regimes recently and he's feeling exceptionally fit an healthy. Though in his latest role he had to don a fat suit as his part in Hitchcock. Acting as Alfred Hitchcock is no small task and its known he is already up for oscar nominations for his amazing participance in this soon to be cult status film. Hitchcock is just another top role for the aging actor hitting the ripe age of 75 at the end of this year. Born in 1937 in Wales this actor has had an enormous amount of film roles.

Starting from 1965 he has been in over 125 titles as well as directing and composing there is no stopping this man's career and by the looks of it there is also no stopping his relationship with Stella Arroyave. They will have been together ten years on March the 1st and there is no doubt they will celebrate with style. Born in 1956 he definitely has a few years on her but they seem to be still living the youthful love story with nights out and enjoying there time together in the public eye.

They got married in Malibu, California so maybe this will be where they are planning on celebrating there tenth anniversary. There is no doubt that she will get her something nice for this anniversary and visa-versa. Also recently reported was that Anthony Hopkins was thinking about buying his family home from his childhood in Wales so maybe he was planning on spending his anniverary there, he even invited the people who are now living there over to there millionaire mansion in malibu which I'm sure they would love to do. So there's no current rumours on what Anthony hopkings is doing but I am sure that they are going to enjoy there tenth anniversary like most couples would with a few glasses of wine and a nice night out. If only we all had as much money as him to be able to give such great gifts to our loved ones.




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