There are a number of ideas you could use for your big tenth wedding anniversary day. There are plenty of ideas out there to make both of you happy for the first big event of your ten years of marriage.

Tenth Wedding Presents

So first and fore-most would be the gift. Preferably made from tin with diamonds, a jewellery item would usually be the go to gift and there are plenty of tin jewelry gift items out there, though if your looking for a great gift for a bloke whose not as keen on tin cuff links or a tin pendant then you may want to go for a picture frame or clock made from pewter or even a tankard or pen or something similar. Another great idea would be some flowers preferably her favourite flower. Or another slightly quirkier gift would be vouchers for your time or vouchers for evenings out etc, they could be used whenever your partner takes them out a great fun gift that will get you plenty of love. Try out a few of the products below

cut out tin and diamond heart pendanttin star pendanttin and diamond heart pendant





Tenth Anniversary Evening out

An evening out for your tenth Wedding is always a good idea and a great platform to gift your jewellery gift item to your loved one. There is obviously many nice places to eat out and you may always go for the same sort of place because of price or a place you know your comfortable with. But this event is only going to once a decade and your tenth wedding anniversary should be a special night out. So go for somewhere you know is a little more than you'd usually pay but you have heard good reviews of. Another option which would be a bit more heart felt is the restaurant where you had your first date or maybe even in the place you had your wedding meal. Either way try and put some real effort into it as its got to be a great night out for both of you.Glass of wine for tenth wedding anniversary


Wedding Anniversary Memory lane

Visit a place you used to go to when you first got together, or the place you first met. Go back to the place you had your first kiss and relive it for your anniversary. If you know this kind of thing will please your wife or husband then you would usually know exactly where to take them. When you find the perfect place that will bring back all those romantic memories then maybe go out there with a rug and some wine and some candles obviously depending where it is.

Renewing your Wedding Vows for your Tenth Anniversary

Renewing your vows is always a good choice especially if you feel you have been through a lot over the ten years together. Maybe you have children and have bought a house and car and so on. Renewing your vows is a great way to tell each other that you still love each other to bits and that you are still trying to live by your promises you said on your big day.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary renew vows

Tenth Wedding Anniversary Romantic mini break

This will be loved by those of you who have children. If you do have children a long romantic weekend away will be much needed and give you two the most important thing you need together which is some much needed time off together. If you haven't got a big budget you don't have to go abroad you could just rent a small cottage in the country somewhere. Or if you have a bit of savings for such an event then you could go on a full blown tenth wedding anniversary holiday and go somewhere warm or somewhere romantic where you can spend a lot of time telling each other how you love each other. Italy for example would be a great place if your looking for romance, or France.

Tenth wedding holiday










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